Title: Using the available pKa data in non-aqueous solvents
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Ivo Leito works as a professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Tartu, leading the analytical chemistry research group involved in a variety of research directions ranging from studies of acids and bases and behaviour of ions to the development of sensors and metrology in chemistry. He coordinates the Estonian Center of Analytical Chemistry, a distributed interdisciplinary scientific research infrastructure for the development and application of modern analytical methods.

Measurements and computations of acidities and basicities as well as ion behavior and solvation effects in different non-aqueous solvents and obtaining new chemical insight into properties of compounds and materials is a key topic of the group. The group has created experimental acidity and basicity scales in several solvents (acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, etc) and routinely receives requests for measurement or prediction of different acidity-basicity-related parameters. Recently, the group has opened a new horizon of the acid-base studies with implementing the unified pH scale (pHabs scale), which enables direct comparison of pH between different solvents.