The biannual Balticum Organicum Syntheticum conference is a chemistry conference held in the capitals of the Baltic States. The conference main aims have remained unchanged:

  • to convey the excitement of synthetic organic chemistry as practiced in industry and universities worldwide;
  • to promote interactions between chemists of the Baltic with the other countries of the world in order to create links, collaborations, common research projects in both, academic and industrial setting;
  • showcase the historical significance, architecture, and beauty of the Baltic States. With the participation of many Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian chemists, you will also become aware of the history, culture, language, and social framework of Baltic States.

The first Baltic international conference on organic synthesis “Balticum Organicum Syntheticum” (BOS 2000) was held in Vilnius (Lithuania) in June 2000. According to its main organizer Victor Snieckus, Queen’s University, Canada: “The conference should follow several aims: to open a window to the West for the chemists of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; to create conditions for discussions between the chemists of the Baltic and the West and also for scientific contacts and collaboration at the academic and industrial levels; to provide an original, linguistic, and social program for participants and their associates.”

After eighteen years the scientific window to the West and to the East is widely opened, but the excitement of discovering new secrets of Nature and of conveying it to colleagues worldwide remain. BOS organizer prof. Eugenijus Butkus Vilnius University, Lithuania: “If I was told nearly 20 years ago that the BOS conferences will become significant not only in the Baltics but internationally with nearly 10 Nobel laureates having participated, I would have said that this nice dream will never become a reality. Nowedays it has become true! The BOS conferences have inspired many young chemistry students, some of whom eventually became speakers at BOS and other international conferences!”

The programme and format of BOS conferences is composed of two primary formats: plenary lectures by a distinguished roster of Baltic and international speakers, and poster sessions held in a congenial atmosphere to stimulate discussion. We aim for a balanced program of academic and industrial speakers presenting fundamental and practical aspects of organic synthesis.

Previous BOS conferences:

BOS2000-Vilnius, Lithuania
BOS2002- Vilnius, Lithuania
BOS2004- Riga, Latvia
BOS2006- Tallinn, Estonia
BOS2008- Vilnius, Lithuania
BOS2010- Riga, Latvia
BOS2012- Tallinn, Estonia
BOS2014- Vilnius, Lithuania
BOS2016- Riga, Latvia

Each conference has seen outstanding scientists: Ryoji Noyori and Albert Eschenmoser in 2000, Barry Sharpless and Robert H. Grubbs in 2002, K.C. Nicolaou and David MacMillan in 2004, and Scott Denmark and Hisashi Yamamoto in 2006, Dieter Seebach, John F. Hartwig in 2008, Akira Suzuki and Andre Charette in 2012, Ei-ichi Negishi and Shu Kobayashi in 2014, and many others.