Title: Discovery and Development of Laquinimod
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He became interested in chemistry at the age of 12. Of course, different explosives were interesting but quite early organic synthesis, became the main focus.

Undergraduate studies at Umeå University were finished in 1992 with a master thesis under the guidance of Professor Rolf Carlson. This work dealt with regioselective Diels-Alder reactions catalyzed by zeolites.

He then joined the group of Professor Torbjörn Frejd at Lund University and started to work with attempts to synthesize taxol. During this work, a novel rearrangement reaction of allyl benzyl ethers was discovered. The main focus of the thesis, which was disclosed in 1997, was on the rearrangement reaction. After a year as a lecturer, he began as a development chemist at DuPont Chemoswed in Malmö mainly focusing on scale-up and process development. In 2006, he was promoted to Head of Chemistry. Since 2020 he is Head of Science at Red Glead Discovery. He still teaches part time at Lund University in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and green chemistry. He was appointed associate professor in organic chemistry in 2009 and adjunct professor 2021 at Lund University. Areas of interest are synthesis of biologically active compounds, development of new synthetic methods, process development, synthesis in water, science history and teaching.