Toward Synthetic Proto-Life


Addy Pross is a professor of chemistry at the Ben Gurion University where he was first appointed in 1973. An expert in chemical reactivity, he proposed the concept of dynamic kinetic stability (DKS) as a distinct stability kind, quite different to thermodynamic stability, and which can assist in bridging between the physical and biological worlds. Pross is of the view that a major challenge facing both the physical and biological sciences is the creation of a unified conceptual framework able to integrate the two material worlds. A central idea in his thinking is that an ahistoric understanding of the origin of life process is the material link that can assist in bringing about that integration. Addy Pross has authored 120 papers and reviews, and two books: ‘‘Theoretical and Physical Principles of Organic Reactivity’’, Wiley 1995, and ‘‘What is Life: How Chemistry Becomes Biology’’, 2nd Ed., Oxford, 2016.

Curriculum Vitae
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