Title: TBC 

Since 2013 is a scientist, Process Chemistry at the Genentech.

She leads a team of 3 chemists (1 Ph. D., 2 M.S./B.S.) and multiple interns, contractors and apprentices.

Diane E. Carrera experience working under cGMP conditions including writing, reviewing and executing batch records in the GMP kilo lab, recording incidents with the Track wise system and setting material specifications. She has extensive experience with cross-functional teams to support Discovery Chemistry SAR, final target selection and preliminary toxicology studies. Provided material to support pre-ED go toxicology studies for multiple programs to enable decision making for ED candidates. Diane served as lead on ImmunoPET project to provide a clinical imaging tool for the Genentech ADC and AAC programs. Also, Diane E. Carrera managed numerous B.S. level contractors, research associates and summer interns. She is a member of the Roche Technical Working Group on Green Chemistry for three years. Her responsibilities included design in distributing a Roche/Genentech solvent guide for chemists, organizing a Green Chemistry Speaker Series, established the REACT award in Green Chemistry and increasing awareness of green chemistry principles in the Genentech process chemistry group.

Curriculum Vitae