All the social events are free of charge for the registered participants and accompanying persons. Please use the conference registration form for booking.

Welcome Reception- July 3, 2016 at 17:30

Latvian National Library (Restaurant Klīversala)

Bus tour in Riga- July 3, 2016; 12:00:-13:30

Bus departs from the National Library and arrives to the National Library

Walking tour in Old Town of Riga- July 4, 2016 at 19:00

Tours will start from the square near the City Hall in the Old City

Closing banquet at the Castle ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA- July 5, 2016 at 19.00


In 1904 ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA (in translation from Latvian - Nothern Lights) was built for the Mīlgrāvja Abstinence Society, which in 1906 was burnt down by the punishment squad. The current building was built from 1910 to 1913 with a goal to enrich the cultural life of the local inhabitants. Patron A.Dombrovskis presented the culture palace for public use on September 1, 1913. It developed as an outstanding culture and educational centernot only for Riga, but for the whole country.

Over the years the culture work and the processes of ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA have been organized keeping in mind the formula of A. Dombrovskis: Through knowledge towards a clear mind, through culture towards a clear mind, through healthy lifestyle towards a clear mind. This purposeful formula has served as a motto, preserving and developing the culture foundation and promoting creative innovations.

After the reconstruction it is an important state and city center for culture activities and presentations, a tourist attraction place, a modern venue for learning the history, a sophisticated art center and a platform for generating innovative ideas. The culture palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA is the only culture center in Vecmīlgrāvis and the surrounding area, which serves as a socially and economically valuable object, promoting and strengthening social integration. The park territory is used not only as a recreational zone but as a diverse culture venue.